1. Mapping of the best practices for the recognition of youth work

Country analysis on the political, professional, learning outcomes, and social recognition of the youth worker profession including regulations, benefits, and vacation.

The report is planned to be finalized in March 2023

Responsible partner: SOJUZ ZA MLADINSKA RABOTA SKOPJE, The Republic of North Macedonia.

The main findings of the Report will be available here


2. Research report of a study on the state of play of associations of Youth Work in Europe

The research aims to fill the gap in information on youth workers’ associations in Europe, including information about the situation, practice, and problems of the associations. The research will continue at some point and deepen the work done by the EU/COE partnership in 2017 and 2019 (youth workers’ career path and education). We renew the information about existing and planned to be established, youth workers associations to update the knowledge and map contacts for results dissemination and future cooperation. We use Youth Wiki information as input as well. The innovative approach is that research goes deeper into the life of the organizations, describing the main goals, strategies, worries, and expectations for recognition, support, and international cooperation.

The report is planned to be finalized in June 2023


The main findings of the Report will be available here


3. Training program for YW associations starting their activity

Partners will work together on developing of MOOC that will be the first edition of an open course for establishing youth work associations. This type of training is a new form, allowing a large number of participants to benefit from it. The online course will give the opportunity for youth workers across Europe to attend the course and gain starting knowledge and skills on the topic. Moreover, after the project, the course will remain an open source, planned to be used as one of the supporting mechanisms of the future European network.

The report is planned to be finalized in April 2024


The main findings of the Report will be available here


4. Establishing of European Youth Workers Association

In the frame of this result, all necessary documents for establishing and starting the organization will be produced. E.g. statutory documents, membership, and other policies including ESG and tools will be drafted. Materials will be available for the wider publics a) to involve new partners and organizations to the Network, and b) to be used for other projects which focus on the establishment of an (international) organization.

The result is planned to be finalized in September 2023

Responsible partner: NINFEA National Informal and Non-Formal Education Association, Italy.

Main documents will be available here